Day After Thanksgiving Grilled Leftovers

Happy Day After Thanksgiving,

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great holiday. Most Americans look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers. I love throwing everything together and making a grilled cheese. This year’s sandwich was delicious! It had turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, butternut squash casserole, roasted purple carrots and of course lots of cheese. The kinda sandwich that really makes you think about eating another one. YUM! Enjoy a hopefully relaxing and day filled of yummy food.


Halloween 2021

Bloodshot Witch Eyes
My SIL’s Stuffed Skulls
Mummy Dogs
Bloody Witch Fingers
Bubbling Bat Blood

Happy Wednesday,

Sadly we just took down all of our Halloween decorations. The stores are already blasting Christmas songs that I love, but I’m not ready for. This post may be late but that is the story of my life!

On Halloween, the streets were filled with kids having a blast trick-or-treating. My sweet Scarlett was a deer (So of course…I was the Mama deer.) My lovely Livy changed her costume multiple times this year and drove me crazy. She didn’t use half of the accessories I bought. Thankfully, I didn’t buy an actual costume for her or I would’ve had to play the “I bought it, you’re wearing it” card. She used a shirt I made in one of my fashion design classes and turned it from a toga, to a costume for the girl from the ring (which she’s never seen), and finally, on Halloween, a scary clown costume. She actually did her own Halloween makeup this year. I love that she wants to do it herself but I hate that she doesn’t want me to help her anymore.

With adding a fall sport to an already hectic back to school season, Halloween came and went faster then usual. I kept the Halloween menu as simple as I could. We still had fun with our spooky themed foods. Over the years my girls have grown to love coming up ideas, making, and naming our Halloween munchies.


Bloodshot Witch Eyeball Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are always a party fav. I made my normal Deviled Eggs and then tossed the egg whites in a bowl. Next, I dropped some red food coloring in and mixed it around to look like bloodshot eyes. I had my sweet Scarlett help me color the deviled egg filing. We decided to go with green and make them witch eyeballs. Next, my little helper sliced the olives and we added them to the deviled eggs.

My SIL’s Stuffed Skulls

My sister-in-law surprised us and brought over some stuffed skulls. They were super cute and delicious. She found a skull shaped baking pan from Walmart. Her recipe is below:

Make pizza dough, or buy it. Roll out in long strips about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long. Spray skull mold with non-stick cooking spray. Place dough in skull mold. Place healthy portion of pepperoni or any fixings you desire (meat or veg) on top of dough in mold. Add layer of mozzarella cheese, layer of your desired sauce, prov cheese, parm cheese, another layer of sauce. Pull the excess dough over the insides and seal tight. Poke a couple holes in dough to vent. Place in oven at 400° for about 15-20mins.

Mummy Dogs

Mummy Dogs made their annual appearance. They’re fun, easy, and won’t get your costume messy😉

Cut hotdogs into thirds. Next, use a can of biscuits. Pull each biscuit in half (in term of thickness) and cut each biscuit in half down the middle. Wrap the biscuit around the hotdogs leaving an opening for the eyes. Bake according to biscuit instructions. When the Mummys are done, add the eyes. I found that a can of Easy Cheese worked well to make the eyes.

Bloody Witch Fingers

In an effort to make things a little easier this year I decided to buy frozen chicken fries. Dip some chicken fries into ketchup and you have some fun bloody witch fingers that the kids will love.


Bubbling Bat Blood

if you’ve read some of my other posts you know that I use green Hi-C for a lot of parties but this time there wasn’t any green so I grabbed red Hi-C. I thought it would be fun to mix it with Sprite and put it in a big punch bowl. The kids always love pouring their own drinks at parties.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!


Halloween 2020

Happy Friday!

We’re heading into Halloween weekend! I thought I’d share my Halloween Post from last year for anyone who is looking for some fun foods, drinks and games to try this weekend. I’m so thankful there is no talk of canceling trick-or-treating this year! I hope the streets are filled with kids having a happy Halloween !🎃 👻

Enjoy your little monsters!!

Lace, Pearls & Little Girls

Halloween 2020 had it all, from a full moon, to candy shoots! However you chose to spend your day on this untraditional year, I hope you had a great time! It was an extra spooky night with not only a full moon, but a big blue moon in the sky.

Our Jack-o-lanterns

We kicked off the celebration by carving our pumpkins. This was the first year my girls both carved their own pumpkins, by themselves, from start to finish!

Fun Treats

With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, my sweet Scarlett, and lovely Livy, helped me make some spooky treats for us to enjoy through out the weekend’s festivities. Friday night we made Graveyard Brownies, Jello Worms and Witches Fingers. For the Graveyard Brownies above we made a box of brownies. While they cooled, we decorated Oreos that we pulled apart, and Milano cookies that we broke…

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Happy Fall Yall

Happy Fall Yall,

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you my mind is still on summer vacation but today is the first day of fall. I love each season for what it is…while the transition is still not complete in my mind, I’m desperately trying to switch gears from pool days and free schedules to fully booked, conflicted fall nights and weekends. Time to get back to business in a fully open Covid Nation full of activities, testing, school and stress. Let’s forget all that for the moment and focus on today. The first beautiful fall day!! Above are some pictures from today and some beautiful messages I found along the way❣

Enjoy and of course…happy fall yall!!!