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A huge thank you to Janis of for choosing Lace, Pearls & Little Girls for the Inspiring Bloggers Tag!! Check out Janis’ Blog the Momshiediaries. She gives you a peek at what life is like in Saudi Arabia and she shares about motherhood and travel. Thank you again Janis your support means the world to me!

The rules are:

  • Thank the person who chose you.
  • Include the logo in your post.
  • Answer the questions asked to you.
  • Choose the bloggers who’ve inspired you (maximum 10)
  • Add a feature of their blog which you admire.
  • Ask them five questions.

My answers to Janis’ Questions:

  1. Tell me about what other things you enjoy doing besides blogging? I enjoy sewing, painting, crafting, listening to country music, going to the pool/beach and spending time with my family. I also love wine and really enjoy trying new foods from our local Farmer’s Market. I love the simple life and have a passion for up-cycling.
  2. Have you finished a book or a film recently? How was it? ReadingI’m a little behind the times…I’m currently reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. I’m at the end of Fifty Shades Darker. I do enjoy this series and like that Christian’s character has way more depth to him than I had expected. I’m curious to see where the last book takes you on their journey. I plan to move on the read the series from Christian’s view. I do have a Nicolas Sparks novel sitting on my nightstand that I’ve been eyeing up and may need to try in between. Watching– We decided to try out a bunch of free trials during quarantine. I wasn’t able to end our Netflix subscription because I got hooked on Hart of Dixie! It’s about a Dr. from New York that moves to the small town of Blue Bell, Alabama. This is such a cute and lighthearted show about the town and her journey with all the look who’s dating who drama you can stand. One thing I loved about it was some of the shots of Alabama (if it was in deed shot in Alabama), huge, beautiful flowering trees. I definitely need to visit the South! I just finished the series last night and will definitely miss it!
  3. In which country do you live in? How do you find it? USA, I was born and raised here and I find myself now, more then ever, appreciating all the the freedoms we have. During this Pandemic I’ve seen and read some really great things and some really awful things. For my own anxiety level and my girls well-being, I keep trying to look on the bright side and stay positive. My hope is that this time will help bring people closer together with their families and the good in people with shine though and shine brighter then the bad. This blog is opening my eyes to other countries and how big this world really is. Covid-19 is one challenge the whole world is facing and if we can work together and stay positive, my hope is the whole world will be a better place. Yes I am a dreamer, and world peace is the ultimate dream….
  4. What is your favorite blog post ever and why? Amy Stewart’s Ride 12 In the last couple weeks I discovered her blog (see more below), this particular post I really enjoyed because she talks about how her family is healing from Covid-19, how thankful she is, the amazing ways they were treated by their communities through it all, and how she plans to give back once recovered by donating plasma and baking casseroles for other families. I love this and am always a huge supporter of making lemonade out of those lemons that life seems to throw our way.
  5. If you can permanently live in a country of your choice, where would that be and why? USA….as Dorothy says, there’s no place like home (Wizard of Oz). My husband and I moved across the country from the East Coast to California but ultimately we found out home is where we want to raise our family. Real estate is affordable, we love the seasons, and being near family is where our heart is. I think moving away made us appreciate the area in which we grew up so much more. I’m so thankful for that!

I’m Tagging the Following:

17bikerides by Amy Stewart

Artistically, I love Amy’s title to this series and her photos. When you start to read her posts you realize it’s not at all about bike rides. Her blog is really about her family’s journey of getting that dreaded phone call that a family member tested positive for Covid-19. It definitely made me think about how I’m going to handle the situation should we be in that boat, and how we could divide our household if some of us test positive and others do not.



One of the first blog’s I started reading was Beauty Beyond Bones. I admire the writer of this blog because she talks about her journey from severe anorexia to recovery. I think being able to help others that are struggling though a sickness, mentally, or physically, by sharing personal things you’ve gone through is very inspiring! She also has a shop which is something I aspire to. Go girl!!



This is a new sister series from a blog I started following called This Geek Loves Food In her new blog, Jessica talks about being pregnant in the Pandemic. I have a best friend that delivered during the worst (or what I hope was the worst) of the Pandemic in our area, so I know some of the struggles she faced. Pregnancy alone can be a challenging time and during a Pandemic, I can imagine the nerves and I hope writing her blog will offer comfort through this amazing, yet challenging time for her.



JustLiveIt! is a blog about the adventures of a New England mom. She seems to share my carpe diem attitude and is making the best of everyday after facing a tragic event. Her blog post below shares some of her families memories from a recent vacation. I just found something so sweet about it! I wish her the best in her new homeschooling adventure!


My questions to them (and to whoever wants to join):

  1. Any Netflix or other series you’re watching right now or would recommend?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What is your best advice for new bloggers or if you are a new blogger what have you learned so far?
  4. What is your favorite chic flick and/or movie?
  5. How are you & your family holding up in this challenging time?

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